ayeeee go Kylie😂✊👏lmao

yasss kylie 💃💃

 Kylie’s black friends have lowkey rubbed off on her

Y’all can’t even hear the music. She could be off beat as hell. Lol


Supporting black women doesn’t stop at tweeting that dark skinned women can be cute too. There’s much more too it and a lot of the things can be fixed for free. Stop letting our little girls be told that they’re not as pretty as someone else because of their hair texture, skin or anything else that comes with being a young black girl. Stop sexualizing them at young ages because they tend to develop faster than other races. Never let them forget that they are beautiful  too. Self love is one of the most important traits you can have as a human being and through the young impressionable ages they shouldn’t feel anything less. They are the next generation of mothers for our people, we have to protect them. If you have one in your life, please do everything you can to make sure she realizes her full potential and worth. 

Anonymous asked: if you had to wear one shirt for the rest of your life(like a cartoon character), which would it be?

Probably this Muhammad Ali or this Cheech and Chong shirt shirt. They have this look that I’d put on any pair of shoes with because even if it doesn’t match it just looks right with any kicks. 


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How does she make peach wings!

I’m not sure. I know it involves peach marmalade though. I’ll see if she tells me. 

Anonymous asked: Were you the guy that made the post a while back like "when I put on glasses it makes me look like a caring father"?

No. I don’t wear glasses. That was kegelgod/niggawithdreadz. I don’t think he blogs anymore. 

jasonfnsaint asked: If you fell asleep in public and were awoken by someone, who is the LAST person you'd want it to be, and how would you react?

The Police. I’m extremely irritable when I first wake up. Sometimes violent. I feel like to have fallen asleep in public, I must have been dead tired, which means I’m enjoying the fuck outta this sleep. I don’t want to be jarred out of it by 12, react with a sudden movement and get shot at 79 times. 

Anonymous asked: Idk what it is about you/your blog, but whatever it is I'm extremely drawn to you/it.

Thank you!

NBA2K15 Screenshots.
John Wall & James Harden

Anonymous asked: You cant have sex at her house or at yours. What are the keys to finding a place for car sex?

Darkness. Relatively out of sight. Parking lots, are always good. I’ve also had a lot of car sex at drive in movie theaters. 

Anonymous asked: If it were to come down to that. What part of your body would you eat? You would get food right after you eat a part of your body. Saying "A finger" doesnt count, you eat your whole hand or you choose another part.

Probably my leg. I could get a prosthetic and ball could still be life. Definitely my left leg. Not the foot though, ew. 



My favorite questions on here be the weird ass ones. Not weird like gross or creepy but something from left field that nobody ever thinks about that requires a long answer. Let me get some of those if y’all don’t mind.

My favorite question recently was the one asking me if i were trapped on an island which animal would I have sex with.

I laughed outloud in real life

Lmao. I never get shit like that. 


What is going on omg

is this one of the beatles???

Anonymous asked: If you were going to be executed tomorrow, what would you have for your last meal?

A volcano roll from Ichiban. 

A crab bucket from Joe’s Crab Shack.

12 peach chicken wings from my mama.

12 wings from Hook’s Fish & Chicken.

Like 48 slices of bacon.

And a black raspberry waffle cone from Brewster’s.